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Blind Joy singing beautiful inspirational song! Adonai

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After my complete blindness, and so many health conditions and sickness I have gone through in my life, regardless of how dark my world may appear, I am able to still have hope, faith, and joy, and experience the most beautiful light in my life!

In this video I am singing a beautiful song, a cry of my heart to God ❤️

No matter what we are going through in this crazy life full of challenges, heartaches, pain, and fears, we can always rest in knowing that God, our Adonai, which is the Hebrew name for God, He knows all, hear’s all, and sees all.

In the midst of your storm, it may seem as if God is nowhere to be found. But trust me, just because you cannot see the light in the midst of your darkness, does not mean God isn’t working in the midst.

My eyes are physically completely blinded, but through the loss of physical eyesight, God has truly opened the eyes of my heart to have faith to believe that all things will work out for my good. People say, “Seeing is Believing“, but I say, “Believing is Seeing!” It may not make sense in the moment, but just keep holding onto The hope inside your heart. God is going to bring you through! Isn’t it so good to know that we are loved ❤️

Video description; I am singing on my PA Soundsystem in my great room on a microphone. I am  blindly filming with my iPhone back facing. The view you see is my beautiful living room. It’s not about what you see or don’t see, but it’s about what you hear and feel in your heart ❤️

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