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Beyond the stars || Gcmm || 「 Gacha club mini movie 」( read desc )

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⭐️Finally finished this movie, it’s been a month now since I haven’t posting anything but i hope you enjoy this video and yes, this is the end of the story. There will be no part 2 :))

Grace witiler = 18 years old
Colten scott = 104 years old
Maxine scott = 102 years old
Evan weather = 106 years old

A vanima is my own species that i have made :))
Here is some info about vanima’s


A vanima is an animal but they are different from normal animals. There’s a cat vanima, wolf vanima and etc. they are animals but they do not eat normal foods.

instead they eat and drink blood just like a vampire. vanimas vomit if they attempt to consume any solid food. So it wouldn't matter if it was human/animal flesh or yummy bacon, they wouldn't be able to enjoy it.

They don’t really sense blood and lost control when they see a normal animal or a human but once they see a blood they will go crazy and there’s a low chance that they can control it.

They like to walk in the forest in the middle of the night. A vanima were born with strength and intelligence that’s what makes them stand in the highest position in the immortal world. Vanima have a high physical capability and are two to four times stronger than the average animal/Human and also vanima’s do not need to eat regularly like humans and animals do. They can survive for one or two months on just one body.

However, some vanima eat merely for pleasure. Vanima senses are weak than those of humans. They can’t smell people’s blood from afar. They also can pretend to eat food. However, they must make themselves throw up soon afterward, or they will become sick. Because they can only consume blood.


About immortal world

In their world they aren’t basically immortal forever, they have 100 years to be immortal so anyone who would attempt to kill them will not affect, but once they reached more than a hundred years old, their immortality will instantly dissapear but still, they can heal little wounds and the way to destroy them is by killing their hearts or putting a stake through their hearts.

The ending of the story was inspired by a manga that i’ve read

Fun fact: ( spoiler warning )
-When grace was wishing, it was her hallucination that she’s like talking to someone, but instead she was talking to the stars because she wants everyone to live longer it’s cause of what happened to her mother who died when she was very young.

-Grace didn’t really died at the end she only died in that world but in her real world she isn’t. It’s like when she was poisoned and died in the immortal world, she came back to her world.

If you want to make a fan arts/edits or anything you want you can use this hashtag! #Coltenandgrace

• • • • • • • • • • • •【Video Details】• • • • • • • • • • •

????What did i use to edit:
Cutecut pro
Ibis paint x

Total of screenshot: 4,457

????Audio in the video
-Free music wave
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