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BEST HU TAO 4 STAR WEAPON TIER LIST [Damage Showcase & Gameplay] | Genshin Impact

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What is Hu Tao's best 4 star weapon? Well, here is my full best Hu Tao 4 star weapon tier list! This a a full comparison and damage showcase of the Blackcliff Pole, Deathmatch, Prototype Starglitter, Favonius Lance, Royal Spear, Dragon's Bane and Lithic Spear. This tier list is based off of the full damage tests that I did with each weapon, so I really hope that people find this helpful. I know that I can be hard to choose a weapon, so I hope that seeing gameplay and seeing them all in one place will help people make the best decision for their accounts. All of these weapons are good for both DPS Hu Tao and Support Hu Tao, but some will be better in certain situations.

Time Stamp:
0:00 Intro
3:08 4 Star Polearm B Tier
3:12 Prototype Starglitter
6:25 4 Star Polearm A Tier
6:28 Favonius Lance
9:41 Royal Spear
13:46 4 Star Polearm S Tier
13:48 Deathmatch
17:21 Lithic Spear
21:40 Blackcliff Pole
25:39 Dragon's Bane
28:43 Final Thoughts

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