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AxeIce(Android 17/Super Baby 2/Goku Black) Fights Sled(Jiren/Super Baby 2/Roshi)[DBFZ PS4]

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Hey Guys!

Finally, one of the fan favorite villians from Dragon Ball GT makes his debut in Dragon Ball FighterZ! Super Baby 2, also known as Baby Vegeta, is the main villains in the Baby saga in GT, known for taking control of other peoples bodies to use them for his deeds, and able to even transform into the Gold Great Monkey form to fight against Goku and his friends! I can't wait for people to do all sorts of crazy things with the character when he gets explored!

This video shows off various matches between Axeice Vs Sled! Axeice is pretty well known player from New York Area known for his play of Android 17! His Android 17 is considered one the best out there, and also has a highly regarded Goku Black too! He has been mixing it up with his last character most of the time, with alot of Jiren before DBS Broly dropped, but currently he has been using a team of Android 17/Super Baby 2/Goku Black! Sled is an online player I do not have much info on.

All the footage that was recorded in this video is from the replay system on the PS4 using my own Recording Device, or using OBS to record the PC version of the game, which every match recorded with it is a Ranked, Player or Lobby match between each player! No footage is taken from any streams or other media streaming websites that is not my own recording.


Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed it!

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