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Artistic Swimming On Land

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Education and Sport in one - This videos shows how we as coaches and athletes have adapted to these difficult times in the sport of Artistic Swimming. How we find ways to keep moving forward and growing in the sport, even if we have become Mermaids Training Without Water. We have accepted the Challenge and faced it with courage!!!
With this training I hope you learn, get your heart rate up and HAVE FUN!!!!
Some proposals to work on sculling, different planks, hip strength, body boost workout, and end with Stretching.
Please do tag yourself doing this training, I would love to showcase you and your team.
#SynchroAtHome #ArtisticSwimmingOnLand #ArtisticSwimming #SynchronizedSwimming #NatacionArtistica #NatationArtistique #NuotoArtistico
Can you think of ways I can make progressions to these exercises?
#YourGoToSynchroCoach #LeilaniTorres #LeiSynchro
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