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Apex Legends New Cross Play Date + Bangalore Heirloom Changed

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Apex Legends New Concept Art + Cross Play Delayed + Bangalore Heirloom Changed

Hey guys and welcome back to another Apex Legends video! Today we have a bunch of pieces of news to go over. I first want to show you guys some original concept art for both Rampart and Revenant. These legends looked completely different then how they actually turned out lol.

There was also an Apex Legends easter egg discovered in Hyper Scape which I cover in the beginning. We are also going to cover everything coming with the September Soiree game modes as well as more information on Crossplay as well as the Aftermarket event which is most likely going to contain Caustic's heirloom.

Finally I am going to talk about Bangalore's heirloom and how it has been changed in the game files from a Tonfa to a long dagger type thing. We won't know 100% for sure until we get more info from the game files but hopefully this video helps to explain what is going on!

00:00 Intro
00:40 Legend concept art
01:49 Apex legends Easter egg in Hyper Scape
02:26 September LTM rotations
03:35 New patch notes
04:26 Crossplay Delayed
06:05 Bangalore heirloom changed

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