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AMETIST — HEAVY METAL DANCE (music video 2020) feat. @Nikita Marchenko & Elena Rassokhina@Неновости

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Song «Heavy Metal Dance» available on all major platforms
Written and produced by Vitalijs Golovanovs
Lyrics by Vitalijs Golovanovs and Anatolijs Urtans
Mastered by Alexander Volk at Wolk Recording Studios
Nikita Marchenko on bass guitar
Vlad Schiptsov on drums
Vitalijs Golovanovs on everything else

Music video written and produced by Vitalijs Golovanovs and Marianna Urvanceva
Camerawork by Nikita Voronov

Elena Rassokhina
Nikita Marchenko
Marianna Urvanceva
Margorita Zhukova
Vitalijs Golovanovs

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Hi, my name's Vitally Golovanov, I'm a singer, guitar player and a songwriter here in Ametist.

*Ametist is a European metal band from Riga, Latvia, producing original songs*.

*We make metal as we see it: raw, exciting and independent*. With each release, we strive to better ourselves. We started out using sampled drums, and now we learned to capture the True Might Of Thor in our drum sound with purely live drums and our passionate drummer.

*We strive for pure natural sound* : no sample replacement, no autotune, no time-aligned drums. Our guitars growl and howl harder with each new song, our vocals reach new heights and explore new lows.
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