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Allegaeon - In Flanders Fields (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Greg Burgess comments:
"In 1915, Canadian poet and military doctor Major John McCrae lost one of his best friends to a German artillery shell during the second battle of Ypres. Inspired by grief, McCrae began the first draft of "In Flanders Fields." Three years afterwards, the poem had such an impact people started honoring soldiers by wearing poppies on their lapels.

"Being from the US I was unaware of this poem and tradition, until we were on tour in Canada with NeObliviscaris in 2018. After being stranded by an ice storm in Ottawa, I was introduced to this poem and it struck a chord with me - inevitably this piece of the same name followed.

"As for the video. Do we really need another classical video set in a beautiful place, having the performer with eyes closed perform? Probably not. Do we need a video where we have the juxtoposition of a classical guitarist in a beautiful place, while reping tech death? Survey why not?!"

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