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Adorable Malamute Puppy And Baby Play In Ball Pit! (SO CUTE!!)

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Isn't this the cutest bond, two little ones playing and learning together. Mia and Teddy are becoming best of friends, learning to share and love each other. He follows her everywhere and even sits beside her while she's having her books read.
We think we need to get a bigger ball pit the rate Teddy is growing at! We have weighed him at week 10 and 11 and will put the progress video up soon!
Milo isn't quite there yet but he's getting close and less hissing at Teddy haha. Milo and Mia still get their time at nap time and also schnuggles in the day when Teddy is resting. He sleeps a lot at the moment. Phil and Niko have been getting extra walks too with Shane's sister so they are exstatic about that coming home tired pups too, they went for 3 hours today but came back filthy haha.

Thanks for watching guys. Stay tuned for more to come. Love from us xx
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