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Adam Sandler Made His Worst Movie Ever... On Purpose

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Did Adam Sandler make Hubbie Halloween out of spite for his Oscar snub on Uncut Gems?

What’s the spookiest part of the Halloween season? If we get a vote, we’d have to say it’s a fact Adam Sandler is still making bad movies. It’s different this time, though. It’s almost as if he’s doing it on purpose this time.

Back when Uncut Gems was on the edge of Oscar glory, Sandler joked that if he got snubbed, he’d make the worst movie possible. So, yeah, he may not have been joking about that fact. Which is why we’re here talking about Hubie Halloween in this video. A film we’d otherwise hope to avoid, but unfortunately, we can’t. Don’t worry, we watched it, so you don’t have to for this one.

We promise it won’t be an unpleasant bludgeoning of Sandler and his comedic chops. In fact, the movie doesn’t even have his worst reviews. It certainly offers a cast filled with stars and well-known names. There’s even some up and coming stars in the mix. Netflix will also be happy for the results since it’s not necessarily tanking in the ratings department. This whole discussion is about something much

It’s strange. The whole story of Hubie Halloween seems to be an inside joke that every Adam Sandler’s fan is in on. The actors don’t appear to take their roles seriously, and even some of the writing felt off and misrepresented. This doesn’t even bring up the fact it feels like there’s more than the usual bit of fan service in this movie but done oddly.

You just have to see this one to believe it!

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Written by: Davis McCondichie
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Edited by: E. L. Rompepelotas

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