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Action Button Reviews DOOM (1993, DOS, id Software)

Presented with an introduction, six separate stories, and an epilogue.

00:00:00 - introduction
00:04:47 - I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE (or, "I Was A Doom Poser")
00:37:21 - HEY, NOT TOO ROUGH (or, "what does it mean to play ALL of doom?")
01:02:20 - HURT ME PLENTY (in which Action Button Reviews DOOM)
01:41:43 - ULTRA-VIOLENCE (The Point: "Dirtbag Nation" (or, "Hard-Hooked On Digital Red")
02:31:54 - NIGHTMARE! (in which Action Button Reviews EDGE Magazine's April 1994 Seven Out Of Ten Review Of DOOM)
02:59:48 - THE BOTTOM LINE
03:13:40 - epilogue

We of of course encourage you to watch each segment of this video in order. However, if you'd rather not do that, we do officially condone watching these stories in whatever order you like, at whatever pace you like. If you have only time in your life to watch one segment of this video or any individual Action Button video, as always, we recommend "The Point."

Thank you for watching! We'll see you next time.
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