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A Successful Ebay Business Can Help Grow Your Family Thrifty Business 8.22

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Around 3 years ago, our guest this week Natalie Robinson, talked to a friend who told her than her children are going through college and grad school debt free because of selling on Ebay. Since Natalie has always loved thrifting, she asked her friend to show her the ropes. Fast forward to 18 months later and Natalie and her husband decided to adopt a child and grow their family from 3 kids to 4 kids. Natalie's biggest score ever helped fund the adoption process and they were able to adopt Issac because of her online sales on Ebay & Etsy. Natalie will let us in on the secrets of home schooling 4 kids AND having those kids help in her online business. And the will be a new segment debuting that will help EVERYONE'S online business. plus the usual scores, duds, tips, tricks and tiki mugs.
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