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a song about space got me featured on NASA ????????

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A SONG ABOUT SPACE, a song I wrote 7 years gets featured on NASA’s #LaunchAmerica campaign. This was the video that you’ll see in the first few seconds of NASA’s Facebook and Twitter video, which you can watch below.

In this video, I finally perform an updated version of A Song About Space, plus chat about what my being recognized by NASA means to me. I tell you everything in this video, but for those who want to read about it, here’s the tl;dr version!

So… NASA featured my 2013 song “A SONG ABOUT SPACE” for their #LaunchAmerica promo video ????
It featured current-day me performing the song in my studio. I learned of the news at 3AM yesterday and my heart stopped in Today I was woken up by my Mom and together we watched my name as a crawling headline at DZMM TeleRadyo. (We took videos, of course haha)

I’m sure every kid’s ambition at some point is to become an astronaut, a person of the stars. Space inspires fantasy and aspiration in all of us, and every single night we look up at the sky we are reminded of how small we are in the context of infinity. My Mom told me that when my other song “An Opportunity to Go to the Moon” was released, she said a prayer hoping that NASA would somehow notice my little ode to that heavenly body. It’s truly overwhelming to see how God hears (and answers) the small desires of our hearts. It’s equally amazing how my Mom thought of asking this for me.⠀

It’s a big deal to me that my music was recognized by NASA, a presence that has inspired so many creative passion projects I’ve had over the years. I’m thankful for the overwhelming support you’ve shown me: for the articles that were written (making me feel a bit sheepish tbh hehe), the FB and Twitter shares, the personal messages from friends, family, strangers. I live for these magic moments when life feels a little bit larger. Stars align around me and I am but a girl, overwhelmed and constantly marveling. ????????
Thanks to everyone who wrote articles about it! I'm slightly embarrassed but super swept away by the interest and support.
Thank you Rappler Bandwagon Philippines Scoutmagph UDOU We the Pvblic ABS-CBN News Candy Magazine and everybody else who shared this victory of mine. Hoping to hear OPM conquer outer space and whatever's beyond.

TY to Josh Villena for playing lead guitar in the background!

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