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6ix9ine Returns To Prison After "GOOBA" Music Video...

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6ix9ine Returns To Prison After "GOOBA" Music
After the release of 6IX9INE- GOOBA (Official Music Video) 6ix9ine has run into some pretty big problems with the law once again. With 6ix9ine snitching in his court case and making a deal with the court that he will work with them to be released early one of the agreements they made with 6ix9ine was he's not allowed to be in internet troll anymore. Well, once 6ix9ine was released he went straight to Instagram to troll on live by calling out rappers such as Meek Mill and Rich the Kid. In the music video for "GOOBA" 6ix9ine turns himself into a rat character to troll and laugh at all the people he snitched on in court. 6ix9ine went on Instagram live after releasing new single "GOOBA" to explain the real reason why he snitched as he didn't want to spend the rest of his life in prison as well as he didn't want his music career to end. Sadly, 6ix9ine may have ruined his opportunity of being a free man as he could return to prison after his social media antics.

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