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5 ways Hollywood ruins women. (feminist rant)

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who doesn’t love themselves a little bit of hollywood ? providing us with beautiful, dramatic, heartwarming, scary, interesting, captivating, life-changing, crazy, and funny entertainment, BUT also so often leaving females in extremely problematic situations, upholding discriminating stereotypes and just straight up ruining it for us women. sometimes with blatant misogyny, sometimes just out of good habit.

after this video, you won’t be able to unsee some of these recurring issues and watching movies might not be just as fun after this. (don’t say i didn’t warn you) !

i talk about:
- bring out the popcorn !
- the beautiful and glamorous hollywood
- why hollywood is problematic for women
- female representation in movies
- romance / thriller / sci-fi / drama / comedy
- how are women being portrayed in movies ?
- gender discrimination
- love, friendship, heroism
- women ask questions, men answer
- ‘what do we do now?!’
- the classic ‘caregiver’ role for women in movies
- godzilla / bright / thunder road / pearl harbor
- the logic roles / scientist / number-loving / politician / clearly crazy villain in white
- hunger games / gone girl / the giver / maze runner
- stalking for love
- blackmailing women into dating the hero
- the notebook / twilight / passengers / love actually
- the most sexist movie of all time ?
- born sexy yesterday
- badass, but childishly clueless women
- fifth element / tron legacy / wonder woman / birds of prey
- headless women of hollywood

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‘what do we do now?’ supercut:
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