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25 Years on Earth #2 [Doom 2 wad /w Pandemonia mod]

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In hindsight, I should've lowered the difficulty from UV. Quite a bit of bullshit in this one.

14:20 the sentinel fires almost immediately, killing me only to have the salvation sphere sit me right in the path of more missiles.
21:30 of course I run out of ammo when pinned by a demon. Not to mention the insanely annoying timed doors in this room.
34:50 map32 is madness. Sentinels are the bane of my existence.
46:20 I found out after the fact had I opened up the door right away instead of walking around the room picking up stuff then the door opens fine. I have no idea what that is about.
48:00 it's not often you'll see me save the game but this fight was rigged. I don't feel bad for cheating here.
52:40 map18 is the first map I can say I don't like. I chopped the last 2 minutes of me running around looking for a switch.

25 Years on Earth
Target Spy
Weapon Sway
Sound Caulking
Doors Stay Open
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